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We just sued LAPD for trying to suppress the files they’re building on us. LAPD claims they have so many records mentioning us that it would take a decade for them to finish reviewing them for publication. LAPD has a long history of secretly monitoring political groups, and this is a continuation of that. They might be keeping files on you too. We encourage everyone to request those files. Check out our lawsuit here.

We know LAPD collects information on all of us through Social Media Surveillance, a practice pioneered by the LAPD. Learn all about how LAPD uses social media surveillance, the technologies that facilitate this information gathering, and the history of social network analysis to criminalize networks in our new zine! Uncover how you are being targeted and monitored using social media surveillance.

We know this is a lie and we’re demanding the records LAPD has collected on us now.

You can download our zine here.