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Weekly Update – July 8, 2022

Dear friends, check out some of the work we have been doing!

On Tuesday (7/5), the Coalition held its 1st and 3rd Tuesday morning outreach sessions in Echo Park. We spoke to local unhoused community members, discussing LAPD Data Driven policing programs and the burgeoning criminalization of unhoused community members. We were there again alongside the Lotus Collective who have been continuing to provide harm reduction resources and education to local community members.

Later that evening we held our Monthly Gender and Sexuality Webinar, facilitated by our Coordinating Team Member, Kim. Participants discussed the ramifications of the supreme court’s recent overturning of Roe V. Wade, along with discussing other ways our bodily autonomy is attacked. We were joined by Nghia from Familia TQLM who spoke about the wave of anti-Trans legislation that preceded this Roe V. Wade decision. 

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