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Weekly Update – August 5, 2022

Dear friends, check out some of the work we have been doing!

On Tuesday (8/2) we were in City Hall with LA CAN fighting back against the expansion of municipal code 41.18. That morning, City Council was voting on expanding the criminalization of unhoused community members in Los Angeles, falsely justifying this attack on the unhoused as a means of ensuring the safety of children. Naturally, we shut that shit down. After asserting our people power and causing city council members to go on recess, we held our own People’s City Council. You can check out an excerpt of Pete White’s public comment on our Instagram page.

That evening our coordinating team member, Kim, led our Gender and Sexuality webinar featuring special guest Ashley Madness of SWOP-LA. Kim provided updates on the Coalition’s active fight against the targeting of sex work by the LAPD, and the status of the public records requests we’ve submitted to learn more about how the LAPD enacts these harms. Following these updates Ashley Madness of SWOP-LA provided updates on AB-5 and SB-357, two pieces of legislation SWOP-LA has been organizing around.

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