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Watch the Watchers: Martin Luther King Day Parade – Monday January 19th at 10 AM

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General Coalition Meeting: Join us, Tuesday, January 20th at 6:30pm for our Monthly coalition Meeting at the D’Town UCLA Labor Center, 675 S. Parkview St., Los Angeles – adjacent to Macarthur Park

Watch the Watchers: Martin Luther King Day Parade – Monday January 19th at 10 AM

This weekend marks the birth of a civil rights icon.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy has been softened, white-washed and embraced by the State, but it’s today that we remind ourselves that local, state, and federal law enforcement was at the forefront of attempting to derail, disrupt, neutralize, and dismantle the movement for social justice that Dr. King was a part of.  The FBI even blackmailed Dr. King in an effort to convince him to commit suicide.

It’s with this understanding and history that we take to the streets Monday to observe and document the repressive tools and technologies that the LAPD uses against demonstrators, as we join the Martin Luther King Coalition and others at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade!  We’ll be breaking out our cameras and keeping track of LAPD’s crowd control tactics and their use of surveillance, spying, and information gathering equipment.  If you are interested in participating please join us on Monday January 19th for our pre-march training at 9 am at parking lot #6 near the Coliseum on Figueroa and Martin Luther King Blvd. or email at [email protected] .

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Recap: Police Commission Body Camera Meetings

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition attended two public meetings held by the LAPD Police Commission to receive public comment on the newly acquired body cameras that the LAPD wants to implement.  Community members spoke out, nearly unanimous in questioning and rejecting the logic of police body cameras which are turned on the public and whose footage is hidden from public scrutiny.  Real police reform does not come from more gadgets and resources in the hands of the LAPD, but by actively punishing the department for its failures.  When schools, hospitals, or other city agencies fail, they lose their funding.  When the LAPD and police nationwide spy, kill, and abuse–they’re rewarded with more technology to surveil the public.

Much to the community’s disappointment, throughout these hearings the Police Commission President Steve Soboroff acted as LAPD’s primary cheerleader rather than listening to the community and represent our best interest.  The whole idea of holding public hearings became a sham since Soboroff announced that questioning the use of body camera is not even on the table.  It is a forgone conclusion!   The LA Police Commission will be announcing LAPD’s proposed policy on the use of body cameras at an upcoming Police Commission meeting.  These meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:30 am at the LAPD Headquarter on 100 W. Main Street.  Stay Tuned…

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Drone Free- LAPD/ No Drones, LA!

The Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA Campaign is currently working to collect thousands of signatures on paper and online.  Please sign the petition online and also send it to your friends!

We’re seeking the community’s input over LAPD’s newly developed drone arsenal.  Please take a short moment to fill out this survey, which will inform our organizing moving forward. Visit this link to answer a few short questions.

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