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screenshot of the report cover with cops standing in front of a tent.

ZINE: Blueprint for Displacement

Read our new zine Blueprint for Displacement: Breaking Down LAPD’s “Echo Park Rehabilitation After-Action Report.” The zine was created in collaboration between the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Los Angeles Commnity Action Network, and Street Watch LA.

The zine exposes the year-long campaign by LAPD and other city entities to surveill, harass, and evict Echo Park Lake Residents. The police state has no money for permanent housing, pending waves of eviction, hundreds of vacant CalTrans homes, yet it spent $2 million on LAPD salaries and overtime for the 3-day police raid of Echo Park Lake.


PRINTABLE PDF (save the file to your computer and then print double-sided at 100% scale, flipping on short edge)