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Stop LAPD Spying and Partners Denounce LAPD’s Tactic of Mass Arrests

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Stop LAPD Spying and Partners Denounce LAPD’s Tactic of Mass Arrests

On Friday, The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, along with the Youth Justice Coalition, Black Lives Matter-LA, the Los Angeles Community Action Network, the National Lawyers Guild, and a number of those arrested during this week’s community responses to the a St. Louis Grand Jury’s exoneration of Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson, spoke out to denounce the LAPD’s attack on peaceful protest.

Over 300 people were arrested in the last week during demonstrations disrupting business as usual.  Communities in LA aren’t going to sit back and lie still at the unhinged murder of black and brown youth by jack-booted agents of the State and their vigilante goons.  Hundreds marched Monday night, and on Tuesday night, over a thousand community members came out to LAPD’s dystopian headquarters to call out these racist institutions that protect privilege and persecute the people.

It’s no accident that LAPD chooses to use mass arrest to stifle dissent.  The biometric and personal data collected by doing such allows police agencies to build profiles on activists and to track and target them in the future.  We know that policies like Suspicious Activity Reporting–which mandates the creation of secret files and investigations on quotidian activities–do this without arrest, and LAPD is always out make us all suspects in the eyes of the State and collect as much data and information on us as possible.  Check out the media links below to read about the community’s response to these heavy-handed tactics.

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