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Lawyer’s Summit

Parallel to our community-led work, we have recently reached out and built relationships with legal academicians and practitioners to strengthen the work of our campaign in the face of insidious LAPD initiatives such as the recently enacted Intelligence Gathering Guidelines (IGG).

In the coming months we will:

  • Partner with the National Lawyers Guild to develop educational material around police surveillance of lawful activities.
  • Collect and share legal documents related to illegal LAPD activities such as the Red Squad of the 1950’s and the Coalition Against Police Abuse (CAPA) lawsuit. Our goal is to use these documents to educate the public and activists about how this point in time is not unique but rather a continuing practice by the LAPD.
  • Collaborate with legal workers and practitioners to be on the lookout for cases built around the arguably illegal surveillance enabled by IGG and SO1.

  • This is an exciting exercise because, like our core community work, it brings people from different experiences together to work against a common and very real evil: LAPD Spying.

    More updates will be posted as they become available.