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LAPD to get more powers to infiltrate, plant informants and assume fictitious identities – Police Commission set to Legitimize Red Squad style police operations

If criminalizing innocent behavior resulting from SO 1 and iWATCH was not enough, LAPD is all set to get extraordinary powers to infiltrate, plant informants and open secret files based on anonymous tips. On August 28th, beside revisions to SO 1, the LAPD submitted another proposal that would dangerously change LAPD’s intelligence guidelines.

These proposed changes would allow LAPD to:

• Use informants or engage in surveillance for up to 180 days in response to any anonymous tip or “information,” without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity;
• Create “fictitious online personas” to “friend” and infiltrate electronic communication;
• No longer required to maintain written records of the justifications used for undercover investigations;
• Create provisions for approved undercover agents to attend the meetings of non-target organizations.

This is not new. The commission is giving legitimacy to these policies, giving LAPD unlimited powers to infiltrate, spy and surveil. There is a long history of LAPD using these tactics in dismantling and neutralizing movements for social justice. Lives have been smeared and destroyed.

The questions is: how do we respond to this assault on our basic human rights?

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is committed to expose, discredit, dismantle and neutralize any government sanctioned surveillance and spying in all its multiple forms.