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Matyos Kidane

Defund the Architecture of Surveillance

For this Tuesday’s community meeting we will be checking in with the Defund Surveillance Work Group and learning more about how we’ve been analyzing LAPD budget documents acquired by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition through a lawsuit against the city.

Weekly Update – September 23, 2022

What’s cookin’ this week? Collective research, community building, and curry hot dogs. Read more at the link above.

In-Person End of Summer Community Meeting 9/20/22

Join us for our monthly General Meeting this Tuesday 9/20/22 at 6:00pm, in-person at LA CAN. This month we’ll be ending the summer by holding space for community members both new to our work and old to come kick back, break bread, and learn about what we’ve been up to.

Abolishing the Policing of Gender and Sexuality

Join us this Tuesday at 6pm for a collective conversation on cis-hetero-patriarchy and the ways that we replicate the state’s tactics on each other. How do we police gender and sexuality? How  do organizing spaces replicate structures of harm?  

Zine: Burning Bridges – Abolishing Our Relationship With the State

Check out our newest zine, Burning Bridges – Abolishing Our Relationship with the State, that was created collectively by our community policing working group. The zine looks at the cyclical nature of reform that gets introduced following each uprising and the harm it perpetuates against our community.