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WEEKLY UPDATE – Sep 22, 2023

Greetings friends, check out what we’ve been up to:

On Tuesday 9/19, the Coalition supported LA CAN and Dignity and Power Now at a press conference launching the Community Care Works Campaign. The Coalition highlighted the county’s contract with Accenture to come up with community alternatives to pretrial. Accenture is receiving millions from the county to pay former police chief’s and prosecutors to represent the community.

That morning the Coalition was also at the Board of Police Commissioners, where Hamid Khan highlighted how Assistant Chief Al Labrada’s recently uncovered stalking of his ex-girlfriend is in line with the LAPD’s history of Domestic Violence and abuse.

That evening we held our monthly general meeting during which we talked about what new public records requests about the city’s security cameras could look like and what questions they could answer. Michelle then led us in a discussion about the RICO Indictment levied against 61 Cop City protesters in Atlanta.

On Wednesday morning, the Coalition supported Union Del Barrio and the residents of the 27th and San Pedro neighborhood to demand Mayor Bass make them whole for LAPD’s destructive bombing of their homes. The displaced families and press were present in front of the mayor’s home at 5:00am.

The following morning Maria Flores of Union Del Barrio joined us on Radio Insurrection to talk about the events that have transpired since LAPD bombed the 27th and San Pedro community. You can listen to the episode at

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