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WEEKLY UPDATE – Oct 6, 2023

Greetings, friends! Check out what we’ve been up to:

On Tuesday (10/3) morning, the Coalition attended the Board of Police Commissioner’s meeting, where members delivered public comments on LAPD’s partnership with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Hollywood, as well as the sharing of surveillance footage recorded from food delivery robots in Hollywood. The Coalition also condemned LAPD’s partnership with USC to study body-worn video footage and LAPD’s SWAT team’s new, more powerful TASERs. That evening, we held our monthly gender and sexuality meeting and discussed the policing of sex workers in our community.

On Thursday (10/5), we released an episode of Radio Insurrection in which we spoke with Ndindi Kitonga and our very own Akhil Gopal about the Ethnic studies fight in California and the political repression of teachers and students in the classroom. Ndindi Kitonga, Ph.D., is a Kenyan educator and long-time organizer. She is a proud member of ARE (Association of Raza Educators), a liberatory education grassroots teacher organization. You can listen to the episode at

That evening, the coalition attended a conversation about the FBI raiding and falsely indicting the Uhuru 3 for their political participation. The conversation was hosted by our allies at Union Del Barrio.

On Friday (10/6), the Coalition attended a meeting hosted by LA CAN’s Human and Civil Rights Committee on the current state of the fight against municipal code 41.18. Groups from across the city discussed what they’ve observed with sweeps in their neighborhoods.

To plug in with any of the work groups listed above, or for more information about the Stop
LAPD Spying Coalition, email us at [email protected].