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Weekly Update – August 19, 2022

On Monday (8/15) our Data Driven Policing Work Group met for their monthly meeting. The meeting is an opportunity for us to update one another on developments in our different Data Driven Policing fights, while also exploring different ways we can collectively build our different fights.

On Tuesday (8/16) the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners enacted a LAPD Special Order titled “Acquisition and Annual Reporting of Certain Information Systems and Technologies” that will facilitate the expansion of LAPD surveillance technology arsenal, while providing political cover for them to continue perpetuating racist violence.  Facing a total absence of local support for the policy – along with consistent on-the-record opposition – LAPD manufactured support through the role of Brian Hofer, an Oakland-based surveillance consultant with no known community ties to Los Angeles. Stay tuned for next steps as we fight to Repeal this Special Order.

On Tuesday (8/16) the Coalition continued our celebration of Black August with a discussion on “Continuing the Legacy of Ancestral Resistance”. Leading our discussion was General Dogon, Civil Rights organizer at the Los Angeles Community Action Network in Skid Row, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the Black Panther Party Cubs and the Prisoners of Conscience Committee, and Natalie Matos from the Noname Book Club. The conversation ranged from a discussion on the history and importance of Black August to actions we can take to support our incarcerated freedom fighters.

On Wednesday (8/17) our War on Youth Work Group met to provide updates on the work we have been doing this past month. We also further developed our outreach materials, and planned new outreach materials to create in the future. We continue to organize against the LAPD Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism programs, as it rolls out in LAUSD schools.

On Friday (8/19) the Coalition supported LA CAN’s regular Resident Organizing Committee meeting. During the ROC meeting, LA CAN opens its doors to all Skid Row Community Members to learn about our various committees and develop fight back strategies against state oppression.

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