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Weekly Update – April 14, 2023

Greetings, friends! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Tuesday’s (4/11) monthly War on Youth webinar covered the new LAUSD anonymous reporting app, LASAR (Los Angeles School Anonymous Reporting). The app is part of LAPD’s recent push to increase youth surveillance in LAUSD schools. We also shared the thoughts of youth with whom we had discussed this new app, and shared their concerns over how LASAR can be weaponized among youth.

On Wednesday (4/12) the Coalition continued our residency with youth at Stem to the Future. This week we prepared a presentation for UCLA Law’s CALL TO ACTION Art Exhibit! The youth spent the day preparing to present all the work they’ve been working on this past semester. Finally at the time of the festival (4/15) the students hit it out of the park! Check out some pictures from the event:

Thursday’s (4/13) episode of Radio Insurrection featured special guest, Cathi Choi of Women Cross DMZ, in conversation with guest host Matyos Kidane. The pair discussed the ongoing Korean War and its ties to the 92′ Rebellion. Akhil from the War on Youth work group joined the second half of the show to discuss the LASAR app being deployed in LAUSD schools, with a specific focus on its ties to LAPD’s SARs program. You can listen to the episode at

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