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Stop LAPD Spying Coalition Files Public Records Act Request

On April 9th, 2012 the Stop LAPD Spying: Campaign to Rescind Special Orders 1 and 11 filed request for records pursuant to the California Public Records Act (PRA).  The PRA was filed in partnership with the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.  Additional legal support is being provided by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) and the law offices of Hadsell Stormer Keeny Richardson & Renick LLP.

The request clearly states that “Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) through a program developed in 2008 known as Suspicious Activity Reporting  (“SAR Program”) and a program implemented in October 2009 known as “iWatch” is engaging in the surveillance and investigation of innocent  non-criminal activity in the community, in developing thousands of reports maintained on a database which it shares with  state and federal agencies  and threatening to reinstitute the kind of unlawful surveillance that has previously been inflicted by LAPD upon innocent Los Angeles residents and its unlawful penetration of political activist groups. We are concerned that the SAR and iWatch programs are  a continuation of that activity in this new era of ever expanding unlawful monitoring of innocent behavior by law enforcement.”

Click HERE to view or download a PDF version of the PRA letter.