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SO1 Revisions; Intelligence Gathering Guild-lines; and National Academy of Sciences Report on Data Mining and Behavioral Surveillance

In this work, documents pile up. Because we are doing this work together, we are posting the following documents which underscore why this work is important and that science is on the side of the community.

SO1 Revisions

There was a revised version of LAPD Special Order 1 issued in August of 2012. We don’t see revisions as the goal of our campaign: the goal of our campaign is to have LAPD rescind SO1. As coalition member Shakeel said about the order when this work began, “poison, even distilled, remains poison.” We demand rescission, not revisions! The revised document can be found here: SO 1 Revised Aug 2012

Intelligence Gathering Guidelines

The LAPD Police Commission rubber-stamped a dangerous proposal under the guise of creating intelligence gathering guidelines. Under the guidelines, police can infiltrate peaceful groups committed to social change under the pretext of intelligence gathering. Law enforcement has a sordid history when it come to infiltration and we see this power as dangerous to people working hard to advance their beliefs and working towards social justice. One coalition member thinks the acronym, PIGG, is a gift…but we know the guidelines are anything but a gift to traditionally targeted and disenfranchised communities. The guidelines can be found here: LAPD – Intelligence Gathering Guidelines

National Academy of Science Book on

The summary, linked to below, identifies data mining and behavioral surveillance as ineffective and a threat to civil liberties. Furthermore, it states that terrorist behavior patters would not likely be identified and how the scientific community isn’t sure these technologies are ready to be used in the public safety context. We can’t say how strongly we support the assertion that data mining and surveillance are contrary to building a safe world. The summary can be found here: Summary – National Academy of Sciences Report The full link is here: