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Gender & Sexuality

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Combatting policing’s long history of upholding cisnormative and heteronormative patriarchy

Our Gender and Sexuality work group has its roots in the Coalition’s own self-reflection around how our community and membership were addressing queerphobia and misogyny internally.  This work was initiated (and continues to be led) by mostly femme, gender-expansive Coalition members who raised the need to address how patriarchy and power dynamics related to gender and sexuality manifested themselves in our spaces.    

While the Gender and Sexuality work group continues to house this internal accountability for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, we also lead the Coalition’s analysis of policing through the lens of gender and sexuality. The work group organizes against the criminalization of sex work; the state’s access to and power over people’s bodies; and incarceration based in sexual violence. The work group is also helping to combat state sanctioned gender-based violence globally, cultivating partnerships with groups in Colombia and Puerto Rico. 

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