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Rest in Power Alberto Cazarez!

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No Drones in LA: Join Us! Tuesday August 5th 5:00pm at LACAN to further develop and implement our campaign to Stop the LAPD from using Drones in LA!  LACAN is at 838 E 6th Street in Los Angeles.

Next General Coalition Meeting: Join Us! Tuesday August 19th at 6:30pm for our monthly general Coalition Meeting.  Location TBA

Rest in Power Alberto Cazarez!

Together with Youth Justice Coalition and communities beyond, we honor Alberto Cazarez – Presente. As many of you already know, a powerful youth leader, Alberto Cazarez died in a car accident early Sunday morning, July 13th.  Alberto was an amazing Youth Justice Coalition Organizer, Loved to write stories, Reader, Learner, Loved to spend time with his daughter, and Movement Builder in Los Angeles.

He built with YJC and created peace along with other youth locally and across the country – in the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, the Dignity in Schools Campaign, and the Alliance for Educational Justice.  Alberto built with the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, taking action in several events, reminding us of his experiences as a target of police abuse and harassment.

Alberto Cazarez guides us in walking the path he chose!

Alberto_Cazarez_yjcFunds are still needed to provide for Alberto’s funeral and burial expenses.  No donation is too small.  Thank you if you have already given.

Please donate here.

If you are unable to donate online, donations can also be dropped off at:
Chuco’s Justice Center
1137 East Redondo Blvd.
On the border between South Central L.A. and Inglewood
1 light west of Florence and Crenshaw

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