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Let LAPD know that you reject their so called reforms and hold them responsible for deceptive practices!!

Please join us in demanding accountability from the LAPD for holding out so-called reforms to their spying program as an example of community involvement.

Take a moment to send an email to the LAPD and the Police Commission by clicking here.

Then, join us by also calling the LAPD and letting them know you, like us, want rescision, not reform!

The number is: 213-486-0150. Once connected, please convey the sentiment of this script:

I am greatly concerned about the lack of transparency and opportunity for meaningful public participation regarding LAPD’s policy making and implementation of Special Orders 1 and 11 (SO 1 and 11). Why have there been back door negotiations between Deputy Chief Downing and only 3 organizations when hundreds of Los Angeles residents and dozens of organizations have publicly demanded that LAPD rescind SO 1 and 11?

I hold LAPD responsible for these deceptive practices and expect an immediate response from you. I reject your so called reforms and cosmetic changes, and I demand that LAPD rescind SO 1 and 11 immediately.

Thank you! There is power in unity!