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Coaliton Delivers Demand Letter to Police Commission

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Coalition Delivers Demand Letter to Police Commission

On Tuesday February 24th the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and its partners delivered a demand letter to Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners:

“On behalf of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition (“coalition”) we write to you with deep concern on the failure of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners (“commission”) to meaningfully respond to community concerns regarding the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)….” Read More  

Coalition members read aloud the letter detailing how on several occasions communities across Los Angeles have brought to the commission’s attention LAPD programs, policies, and enforcement practices that continue to violate human and civil rights of residents of Los Angeles yet the commission has repeatedly dismissed these concerns and failed to act upon communities’ requests to investigate and take corrective action.

Following are some of the recent examples highlighted in the letter signifying the commission’s failure to act effectively upon Los Angeles communities’ concerns:

    1. Denial of Racial Profiling evidenced by the recent OIG audit of LAPD Suspicious Activity Reporting Program

    2. Sham “Community Meetings” on Body Cameras

    3. Increased militarization with acquisition of Drones.  Repeatedly Chief Beck and the Commission were publicly exposed Misrepresenting and Lying

    4. Sabotaging “corrective actions” taken by the department in response to the Federal Consent Decree

The Police Commission was given two weeks to respond to the following demands:

    1. We demand that the LAPD rescind the SAR program with immediate effect including terminating the iWATCH – See Something, Say Something program;

    2. We further demand that the commission launch full investigative hearings and fact finding on the violation of human and civil rights of people of Los Angeles resulting from these programs;

    3. We demand an immediate halt of the launching of the body camera use by LAPD.

    4. We demand a thorough investigation into the decision making process on the acquisition and financial transactions involved in this program.

    5. We demand real public hearings with full participation for community members to present their research, analysis, and perspectives against the use of body cameras by LAPD.

    6. We reject the proposed use of Drones by LAPD;

    7. We demand that LAPD destroy the drones or give them back to the manufacturer;

    8. We demand full public hearings on the militarization of LAPD and relinquish teh control of such public hearings to the community;

    9. We demand full investigative public hearings of LAPD conspiracy and officer violation of department policies.

    10. We demand the commission to immediately send a detailed report to the Department of Justice and US District Court Judge Gary Feess informing them of violations of conditions and intent of the federal consent decree.

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Countering Violent Extremism – How Our Communities Are Betrayed

This is how counter-terrorism programs get promoted by the same groups that brought us SAR, iWATCH, Predictive Policing etc. and get incorporated into Domestic/local policing. Now its Countering Violent Extremism, another shady name for a program that’ll end up on the streets with more state violence against our communities.  Shame on them!

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