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Coalition Update : Progress with Neighborhood Councils; General Meeting on Tuesday

StopThe SpyingThe Stop LAPD Spying Coalition has been hard at work speaking out at community events and conferences about the dire impact of LAPD’s Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Program.  On Thursday November 14th, coalition members Jamie Garcia and Hamid Khan outreached and spoke at an event organized by the Stop NSA Spying Organization.  Then on Friday November 15th, the coalition was invited to present at the 5th annual Asian Americans for Justice conference.  At both events, attended by dozens of community members, the coalition shared information about LAPD’s SAR – secret surveillance and information gathering and sharing programs.  Several people expressed deep concern and signed up to support the coalition’s efforts and participate in various activities.

The coalition has also been gearing up for the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission’s Hearings on Suspicious Activity Reporting and other profiling issues.  We’ve been going around the city requesting to present to various Neighborhood Councils. This week Rampart Village Neighborhood Council approved our request to present at their meeting next tuesday. We’re also engaging their Public Safety, Housing, Transportation Committee about our work.

Join Us

The Coalition  will be presenting at Rampart Village Neighborhood Council @ 6pm Tuesday 19th. St. Anne’s 155 N. Occidental Blvd. 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90026.

We have our general Coalition Meeting at 6:30p on Tuesday the 19th at LACAN–530 S. Main Street, Los Angeles.  At the meeting, the History and Research Working Group will briefly look back at how past HRC hearings played out and what that could mean for us.  Most importantly, we will be crafting a proposal to be handed into the Human Relations Commission on how we would like their hearings to look like.

If you want the Coalition to present at your local Neighborhood Council about Special Order 1 and SAR, please let us know.

Have data entry skills? We are looking for volunteers to help us input some information critical to our work. Email us at StopLAPDspying or leave a comment below for more information.