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Call to Action: Join us Tuesday at the LAPD Police Commission

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Monthly Drone-Campaign Meeting: Join us! Tuesday March 31st at 6:30pm for our Monthly Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA Meeting at 6:30pm at LA CAN – 838 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, X-street Gladys.

Monthly Coalition Meeting: Join Us! Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30pm for our Monthly Coalition Meeting- UCLA Downtown Labor Center, 675 Parkview St. Los Angeles, 90057 (across from Macarthur Park)

Call to Action: Join us Tuesday at the LAPD Police Commission

Join us on Tuesday at 8:45am as we continue to build our campaign to expose and confront the Los Angeles Police Commission (LAPC) and their utter failure to address community concerns.  On February 24th, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition delivered aletter to the commission outlining series of concerns and demands for the LAPC to investigate and take corrective action.  The Commission responded with complete lack of sensitivity to the issues highlighted in the letter and instead affirmed their full support for LAPD’s actions and programs. This coming from a “Civilian Oversight Body” whose mandate is to represent the interest of the community.

LAPC has made it very clear that their consideration of community input begins and ends at the checking of a box.  They regard all nuanced critique of LAPD backed by evidence of corruption and violence, and its alternatives as beyond the realm of respectable discourse.

We hold the commission responsible collectively and each of the 5 commissioners individually for their dismissiveness and hostility toward the community and we will expose them publicly.  Their culpability exists not just in the public sphere but in the personal as well–they’ll not just be held to account at LAPD headquarters anymore, but across the city.

Facebook Event Here! #LAPCFAILS

Need Your help – Action Through Social Media

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is asking for your help with expanding our social media coverage. Here are some quick and easy ways you can help in the effort to effectively use social media as a weapon in the fight against LAPD brutality and oppression:

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Sign the Petition/ Fill out Community Survey
Drone Free- LAPD/ No Drones, LA!

The Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA Campaign is currently working to collect thousands of signatures on paper and online.  Please sign the petition online and also send it to your friends!

We’re seeking the community’s input over LAPD’s newly developed drone arsenal.  Please take a short moment to fill out this survey, which will inform our organizing moving forward. Visit this link to answer a few short questions.

In the Media:

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