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COALITION ACTIVITIES—November 14th, 2021

Dear Friends, this week the Coalition finally released our report, AUTOMATING BANISHMENT: The Surveillance and Policing of Looted Lands! The War on Youth working group held an educational webinar on how nonprofits serve to perpetuate and execute the DHS’s efforts to criminalize youth through CVE grant programs. On Monday (11/8) the Coalition held a press conference in … Continue reading COALITION ACTIVITIES—November 14th, 2021


Dear friends, this week the Coalition organized, amplified, and executed a powerful O22 action in front of LAPD headquarters. We also supported BLM’s End Police Association action and presented our Architecture of Surveillance and Algorithmic Ecology at the Oxy Arts Encoding Futures exhibition. Click the link to read more about the work we’ve been doing! On Monday … Continue reading COALITION ACTIVITIES—October 24, 2021