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We Said Defund Not Reform!

When our communities rose up to protest the police last summer, LAPD cracked down violently and arrested over 4,000 people. Almost immediately after, the city requested three reports to use LAPD’s violence to propose “reforms” that will increase police resources and powers. Throughout history, politicians have responded to LAPD’s crackdowns against critics with expansions of … Continue reading We Said Defund Not Reform!

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is Hiring a Community Organizer!

CLICK HERE FOR A PDF OF THIS POSTING About Stop LAPD Spying Coalition The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a grassroots community group working to expose and abolish surveillance and other forms of racial and social control. Formed in 2011, our coalition is made up of individuals from across the communities we organize with, including … Continue reading Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is Hiring a Community Organizer!

Facial Recognition Letter to the LAPC

Download the pdf letter here. December 14, 2020 Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners Commission President Eileen Decker Commissioner Dale Bonner Commissioner William J. Briggs, II Commissioner Maria Lou Calanche Commissioner Steve Soboroff Police Commissioners: We are writing to oppose the Special Order concerning face recognition surveillance that Chief Moore has asked you to approve.  … Continue reading Facial Recognition Letter to the LAPC

Factsheet: Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)

Download the PDF of Factsheet: Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) How It Works Facial recognition technology is technology that claims to identify a person using their face. FRT systems usually have 3 components: a camera, an algorithm, and a database. FRT may also be software only. FRT algorithms are proprietary and vary slightly but essentially work … Continue reading Factsheet: Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)