The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a community group building power toward abolition of the police state. We were founded in 2011 and are based at the Los Angeles Community Action Network in Skid Row.

We hold open community meetings on zoom every Tuesday at 6pm.

These are the online version of the meetings we used to have every Tuesday night in the Freedom Room at LA CAN in Skid Row. This week’s meeting is:

To watch past webinars, visit our YouTube. To see our other upcoming meetings, visit our Calendar.

Screen shot of five people in a zoom call.

What We’ve Been Working On

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Our Research and Resources

Automating Banishment, our 2021 community-based report on the relationship of “data-driven” policing to real estate developent, displacement, settler colonialism, police reform, and counter-insurgency

Defund Surveillance, our campaign to dissect and defund LAPD’s $3.1 billion yearly budget

The Stalker State, an interactive journey through the architecture police use to control us

The Algorithmic Ecology, a tool for mapping the need to organize against the entire ecosystem that surrounds police algorithms, beyond the technology alone

Before the Bullet Hits the Body, our community-based report on the racist violence of LAPD’s first-generation “predictive policing” programs

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O22 Rally
Echo Park Community Testimonials

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is building community power toward abolition of the police state.