Who is Targeted by SO 1?

Who is targeted by SO 1?

Everyone is a potential target!

The campaign goes beyond SO 1’s impact upon “usual suspects/targets” of our times, meaning communities that have been recently targeted by the national security apparatus as potential suspects of terrorism, especially Muslims, South Asians, Arabs, or Middle Easterners.  To better understand the impact of police surveillance, to begin with, the campaign is guided through the lives of people who are constantly deemed “undesirable”, who get surveilled regularly and face police brutality and abuse on a daily basis. It is through this understanding that we are building the campaign primarily informed by the experiences of Skid Row residents.

Similarly Special Order 1 targets many other individuals and groups as “undesirables.” These are populations who are considered “suspicious” by virtue of who they are or the work they do. They include Black and Brown youth, who are commonly described as “urban predators” and/or “domestic/street terrorists” and many of whom have been jailed or are on probation.  For LGBT and queer transgender folks, SO 1 only adds to the multiple jeopardies they face anyway since their daily life is considered a “suspicious” activity.  SO 1 also targets immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, women, low-wage workers, homeless and poor folks, artists, academics, environmentalists and other political activists, and social justice organizations.  All deemed a threat to status quo hence “undesirable” and a target of surveillance and criminalization.